Kundenstimmen - Pyongyang Travel

Thomas from Germany, April 2014 (Group Tour)

I am very happy with what the North Koreans could offer us. I can also recommend our guide Mr. Kim. If you visit the country for the first time, the program as we had booked it is ideal for a first impression. The northern region is characterized by its beautiful mountain scenery. I could hang out there a week in order to relax. Since there is so much to discover, I can even imagine travelling on another trip to North Korea, but it has to be a trip with less time in the cities and more time to spend in the countryside.


A trip to North Korea is something for people who are at least willing to get in touch with a different social and political system than we have. The North Koreans we came into contact with have received us in an unprejudiced and friendly way. This friendliness wasn’t played or staged at all, because a friendly greeting or a genuine smile, which the traveler encounters, is similar in all countries.


I did run the half marathon and the stadium where we finished the race was full with cheering and joyful people. These are unforgettable impressions for every runner. The trip was perfectly organized by your side.