Kundenstimmen - Pyongyang Travel

Olof from Sweden, October 2014 (Group Tour)

We were a small group interest in Public Transport, visiting Pyongyang where we had the opportunity to ride trams, trolleybuses, the Metro two lines and an old motorbus. Too we did see the old trams from Switzerland on the meter gauge to the mausoleum and did visit the railway station for train spotting. Besides we had a tour to the Korean border 170 kilometers south of the capital, a visit at a Spa at Nampo, to see the barrier and the locks at river Taedong, and a tour to Hyangsan in the Mountain.


There was many occasions for train spotting during those tours. The Subway museum, the Technical museum and the Railway museum was god parts in the many visits to al kind of memorial places in Pyongyang that filled the days between dining, city walks and shopping. This is really a tour for people who have an interest in Public Transports mixed with history and culture at the Korean Peninsula