North Korean cuisine and recipes

The cuisine and culinary arts of North Korea are an important part of the country’s culture and offer a variety of traditional dishes and ingredients. North Korean cuisine is influenced by centuries-old Korean cuisine and is enriched by influences from neighboring countries.

One of the most famous dishes in North Korea is kimchi, a popular side dish of fermented vegetables served with almost every meal. Another popular dish is bulgogi, a fried meat dish served in thin slices and often served with rice, kimchi and other side dishes.

In addition to meat dishes, North Korea also has many vegetarian options, including tofu and various vegetable dishes. Noodle dishes are also an important part of North Korean cuisine and are often prepared with meat, vegetables, and spices.

North Korean cuisine is also characterized by the use of spices and spice blends that give North Korean cuisine a unique flavor. These include gochugaru, a spicy red bell pepper paste, and doenjang, a fermented soybean paste.

Overall, North Korean cuisine features a variety of traditional dishes and ingredients influenced by centuries of Korean cuisine and influences from other countries. The use of spices and spice blends gives North Korean cuisine a unique flavor and makes it an important part of the country’s culture.

Boshintang/ Tan’gogiguk – a speciality in North Korea

In North Korea, there is a traditional soup called boshintag, which is made from dog meat. The name “boshintang” is made up of the words “boshing” (dog) and “tang” (soup) and literally means “dog soup”. Boshingtang has been considered a delicacy in North Korea for centuries and is considered a remedy for colds and other health problems. It is often served on special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

The composition of the soup varies depending on the region and individual preferences, but it is usually prepared with dog meat, vegetables, rice and various spices. Dog soup in North Korea is mainly served in winter as it is considered a warming dish and is said to help strengthen the body. In North Korea, eating dog meat is part of the traditional culture and is considered normal by many people.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ, also known as galbi, is special because it is prepared directly at the table. Guests choose their own meat, which is then grilled on a small grill at their table. This allows guests to grill and enjoy the meat to their liking while chatting and enjoying the social experience.

Korean BBQ is often served with different types of meat such as beef, pork, chicken and duck. It is often served with various side dishes such as rice, vegetables and. Another feature of Korean BBQ is the use of different sauces and spices to flavour the meat.

At the end of a trip, Korean BBQ is a popular meal where you have the opportunity to review the impressions of the trip together.

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